5. Others

Red Carpet!

September already, a sign that the summer season is drawing to a close! Nature is preparing to show us all her splendour, with warm colors tinged with gold and flamboyant reds. It's the season of generous harvests and abundance.

September is also synonymous with the back-to-school season. Back to school, back to television and back to culture.

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1. The metamorphosis

Become an expert

As announced earlier this summer, our corporate website has undergone a complete facelift. Improved, redesigned, more attractive and more modern, it showcases the full scope and strength of our solution.

But did you know that there's also a private space? It's a space dedicated to you, the broadcasters and users of our tools, accessible online and available 24/7. We publish videos on a variety of subjects that you can watch at your own pace. So you can perfect your mastery of our solution, or simply brush up on a particular aspect.

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