Activity management, a major challenge for everyone!

You host and present a wide range of events, each one as different as the next. To optimize the use of your venue, you must be creative and flexible with your partners by accepting a variety of arrangements that meet their expectations while also achieving your own objectives. Thus, each activity has its own metrics in terms of conditions, needs, marketing strategy, operations and finances. But your venue is always busy and with the high demand, it is difficult to remember all the specifics for each activity.

Furthermore, every department within your organization needs to be aware of this tactical information to ensure that each activity is produced within the parameters agreed upon between you and your partners. How do you ensure that you have communicated this relevant information to your appropriate work teams? Who knows what? Have your employees received all the information they need for each project? Do they have the correct version to do their job?

All the relevant information in one place

Ovation is a perfect checklist. It brings together all the contractual and operational information between you and the promoter in one place, within your ticketing solution. You’re sure to remember every detail, since it highlights each party’s obligations and common issues. You will always live up to your commitments.

You and all personnel involved will be able to consult this strategic information at any time, before, during and even after the event. Everything is there at your fingertips to track the agreement, special conditions, profitability, progress, final result, etc. for each activity. You'll be relieved to know that the right information is getting to the right people at the right time.

Présentation du module

In addition to being able to forward agreements and track their status, this feature allows you to enter the various contractual parameters associated with each activity, such as the parties involved (producer, artist), fees, revenues, expenses, marketing strategies, break-even point, labour requirements, final settlement, etc.

Share all operational information such as event time and duration, intermission details, merchandise requirements, technical specifications, applicable rates and promotions, and all other particulars to ensure your operations respect your agreements.

The information stored here is accessible to authorized employees, as per their user profile. This ensures that everyone has the information they need to properly render your events according to the stakeholder’s expectations.

All relevant elements are copied from here to accelerate the process of event creation and launch ticket sales, namely event title, venue, description, images and videos to be published, price list, etc. thus eliminating redundancy and errors coming from data entry.

Our solution takes all transactions into account. It calculates the revenue from ticket sales and expenses for each activity, showing your results in real time. You can always know which events are generating profits and adversely which ones need more marketing efforts. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments, before it’s too late.

Ovation is also your institutional memory! All the information is stored so you can access it now and in the future. Track your success stories for future reference to repeat these best practices. Conversely, learn to recognize and avoid the pitfalls and improve your results.

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