Subscriptions, the reliable income

Predictable or not, financial risks associated with the entertainment business are ever-present, regardless of the performer or type/size of event. You are undoubtedly always concerned about your financial outcome and cash flow.

Both your profitability and your reputation are at stake. Events that do not meet their target sales and attendance will adversely affect your profitability as well as your brand with promoters, artists and patrons. Don’t become an outcast and be turned down when it comes to booking blockbusters and successful events!

Packages and subscriptions, the winning strategies!

The seasonal pass is widely used by sports teams of all sizes and is still very popular with cultural organizations. However, this is only one of its many possible uses. Its great flexibility allows you to build subscriptions by season, by theme or by combining your best-sellers, serving as leverage, with less popular events to drive sales. Your creativity is the only limit to what you can offer your patrons with packages and subscriptions.

As with loyalty programs, subscriptions tend to boost sales and are instrumental in forecasting revenue while allowing you to moderate your long-term marketing efforts. Furthermore, nothing is stronger than giving customers exciting benefits to recognize and even contribute to their loyalty.

Packages are a perfect way to upgrade the value of the average shopping cart. Take advantage of their buying state of mind to offer your customers add-ons that will enhance their experience. With a simple click the user can add a meal, a drink, a promotional item, or a “meet and greet” with the artist to their transaction. Create combinations and packages to offer unique and unparalleled V.I.P. experiences.

Watch your statistics update as sales rise by leveraging on our flexible and powerful tools to create these perfect combinations. Then let Ovation‘s artificial intelligence and digital marketing features boost your sales as our solution directly markets your packages to the customers most likely to buy them.

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Several types of subscriptions are possible to accommodate sports teams and cultural institutions, regardless of the adopted strategy. You can even mix different types of subscriptions to measure and determine what generates the best outcome for your organization.

“Set it and forget it!” Do the heavy lifting once, and then take advantage of the automatic renewal features for subsequent years. Your customers will be happy to know that their subscription is maintained, and the renewal process will be simplified.

Depending on the type of event, you may choose to produce multiple tickets or create a single composite reusable ticket that allows the holder to access everything included in their package. For example, at sporting events, although a multiple-use ticket is possible, one ticket per event is still the most popular option. However, for other types of events, such as season tickets or a visit in multiple-site museums, a single composite multiple-use ticket will still give you full control at the door, but it will be so much easier for the holder not having to handle a bunch of single-use tickets.

At the precise most strategic point of the sales cycle, offer your clients the opportunity to include dinner at a restaurant, plan accommodations in your area or maybe offer them a meal directly in-house with a catering service. Your imagination and appropriate partnerships will allow you to create business opportunities and offer unique experiences to your clients. And since everything will be accounted for in the ticketing solution, your reports will be consistent with all sales.

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