How it began

Ovation started out with the desire to help Québec presenters and promoters benefit from modern technology. Soundly established, today our ticketing system has evolved for over 40 years. Ovation was one of the first major Québec companies in the field and has since been instrumental in ticketing system automation in, and around Quebec.

Nevertheless, it was when Ovation partnered with two institutions, the “Maison des arts de Drummondville” and the “Palace de Granby”, that the Réseau Ovation brand became known. From that point on, it was the institutions and their daily needs that guided the development of the platform we know today.

We won’t stop progress! Ovation is as vibrant and dynamic as ever, and our road map is filled with exciting projects to fuel the innOvation wave for the next 40 years.

A bit of history

Start up

SMD Informatique is the 2nd company to offer electronic ticketing in Quebec.


SMD informatique partners with 2 institutions to offer the Réseau Ovation ticketing service. Réseau Ovation.

Touring the world

Ovation travels the world with Cavalia.

Web sales

Ovation adds Web sales to its solution.

A strong network

Ovation builds a network of partners to further expand its offer.

The BIG step

Ovation launches the hybrid version of its platform and offers even more new features to its clients.

Marketing Cloud

Ovation integrates with Marketing Cloud from Salesforce tools and launches its artificial intelligence features.

The “Golden Circle” (Ovation‘s purpose)


We provide a comprehensive technological solution for event management.


By connecting our clients with experts in different fields.


We believe that culture and arts are essential to our society.


You still have questions before making a decision? Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

You still have questions before making a decision? Please contact us by phone or e-mail.

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