The power of data and artificial intelligence

We operate in a field where marketing teams are relatively small, even though the needs and expectations are high. You may be fortunate enough to be part of a larger team, or you may be a single, one-man band.

We know you have the talent, but you might not have the time to deepen your knowledge as much as you would like to make the most of each tool. When you need to create and send an e-mail campaign in a flash, we know that you don't always have time to carefully target recipients that are most likely to respond to your communication. Therefore, you might decide to send the campaign to all your patrons hoping to get a positive outcome. Beware, this has two negative consequences: 1- a greater investment for you and 2- your customers could become unresponsive to your messages.

Even if you did have the time, modern ticketing operations continuously and increasingly generate data and it becomes humanly impossible to analyze and interpret all of it just as quickly. Patron source, origin, path, behaviour, preference, segmentation... How can one decipher all this information at light speed and translate it into answers?

Segmentation and artificial intelligence, a great combination!

There are many ways to know your patrons: surveys, market research, personas, conversion funnels... In the end, all this information allows you to segment your market and your audience.

At Ovation, we've already done this heavy lifting for you. We have segmented the entire province of Québec to guide your prospecting strategies and allow you to expand your market. 

We will also segment your patrons so you can maximize their value. This translates into strategic information on your current patrons as well as your potential customers.

Fortunately, a large amount of data from various combined sources: transactions, operations, social media, web, etc., is analyzed in the blink of an eye by the artificial intelligence features seamlessly integrated with our ticketing solution. This is where intelligent algorithms, predictive behaviour and personalized recommendations lie to improve your digital marketing outcome.

With a leading edge, Ovation leverages all available data and empowers you to succeed. Complex, real-time analytics help automate processes, predict behaviour and project results. It's your best kept secret that guides your strategies and decisions to meet or exceed your goals.

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With each transaction, our ticketing solution reassesses the buyer’s profile and whether he/she should move to a new segment. With predictive analytics, we also determine which events are most likely to be of interest to buyers. Rather than making an offer based solely on the last purchase, our solution analyzes the customer’s complete purchase history in order to target the events most likely to interest that particular buyer.

With our artificial intelligence, you will know right from the start whether an event reflects high sales potential or not. This will guide your decisions when planning your operations. With this knowledge, you will be able to determine from the initial sales trends whether it would be wise to plan an additional performance, or, on the flip side, which events need additional marketing efforts to increase sales. You know that planning ahead is difficult in our business, but our solution turns data into valuable insight for your benefit.

Ovation means sending personalized e-mails to thousands of customers without having to invest hours of your time. Set up various instances and let our software dynamically determine who receives which offer for what event, who gets the suggested membership, and who will see the exclusive advance sales offer. Once the preset system is launched, proudly see the results in your reports.

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