Manage rentals

Avoid the headaches of managing the availability for each space. Your venue is always in high demand and it’s difficult to prioritize those multiple requests such as optional bookings, confirmed events, set-up/teardown, etc. You worry about double bookings, conflicting schedules or missed opportunities.

Are you optimizing your location rentals and your profitability at the same time? You are concerned about your performance, but this information is scattered in several tools that require a lot of manipulation to see the outcome.

A centralized calendar for all your rentals

You will be delighted with our rental feature that gives you an overview of the availability and/or use of your different spaces without having to juggle with several tools such as Excel tables and Outlook calendars.

Our location rental features are fully integrated with our ticketing solution. This feature eliminates redundancy and duplicate data entry. Such efficiency is always appreciated by management and employees. In the end, it means less work, fewer errors and more time to perform other more useful tasks that you always run out of time to do.

Save time and money by managing all your rental spaces in one place and enjoy greater peace of mind. The feature allows you to record the client and contact information, rental purpose, agreement details, technical specifications, resource requirements, etc. So, with a simple click, see when, why, under what conditions, by whom and how each space will be used.

Easily access the calendar via your smartphone or tablet, both away and in the office, to consult the schedule, authorize booking requests to convert them into confirmed events, transfer events into on-sale performances, store agreements and technical specifications, etc.

Présentation du module

Thanks to our most complete feature that centralizes the information, no more creating schedules on a certain software, organizing events in an external document and continually revalidating event information by other team members to avoid making mistakes. All of this and more is directly in the one, single platform.

Accessible at any time, the feature can be used anywhere, on any device, while connected to the internet. It is therefore simple to consult the calendar, plan and/or confirm events with promoters, and much more whether you are on the move, at the office or working from home. In addition, for your convenience the required information can be entered in real-time or differed, in whole or in part.

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