Selling tickets online is fine art

Online ticket sales, through a ticketing management software, are rapidly replacing transactions done by phone or in person. Indeed, today’s customers can be impatient, pesky and will not compromise. Like many other industries, the world of ticketing is no exception, shifting to web sales and e-commerce. At Ovation, this as a positive transition as it provides us with more opportunities to launch powerful digital marketing strategies.

Today’s digital shoppers have options and they are inundated with digital promotions. Therefore, whenever a prospect is ready to make a purchase, be ready to proceed... online. Customers don't want to wait on the phone or make their way to your box office. They will buy when they're ready and feel in full control over their buying experience. That's why they're turning to the web to purchase their tickets so don’t waste your chance to close the deal! Offer your patrons the best online sales experience.

Selling tickets online is smart

Of course, our ticketing solution offers all the necessary tools to optimize over the counter and phone sales. However, even your best service employees will never be as efficient as a state-of-the-art computer that is skillfully designed specifically for its tasks. As opposed to your staff, your Ovation computer is truly working around the clock – 24/7 – and, admit it, at a much more affordable cost. Moreover, by learning from each transaction, our artificial intelligence just keeps getting better and more accurate.

With this in mind, Ovation is developing its ticketing solution for online sales first. In fact, we believe so strongly in the power of the web that our road map of future development is primarily focused on online ticketing.

Rest assured, we also have all the tools to alleviate your team’s workload. Indeed, our solution offers a sleek, ergonomic, and intuitive design, whilst being very powerful. If you are looking for a ticketing management software that is fully in sync with the modern industry, you have come to the right place. Complete, reliable and revolutionary, our solution is designed to automatically boost your sales and grow your business.

Ovation allows you to sell more efficiently every day (artificial intelligence, customer profile) and tells you all about your audience’s buying behaviour through our reports.

Présentation du module

The platform has been completely designed and redeveloped in conjunction with experienced UX/UI specialists. Now it’s even more intuitive, more ergonomic and above all our solution will optimize productivity, whatever the task.

At its core, Ovation is a ticketing system that has been enhanced over time. However, what really makes it strong is its connection with powerful tools like Google and Salesforce to drive sales, and its compatibility with your own accounting system.

Ovation easily connects to your website, so you don’t need to reproduce all its content to publish online. In addition, presenters/promoters have their own personalized sales pages respecting their brand to reassure web shoppers during their online transactions.

Artificial intelligence is an important part of the new Ovation ticketing solution. Therefore, with every completed transaction a customer is repositioned in the appropriate segment allowing you to always deliver the right message to the right person, thus offering the best all-around customer journey.

With our powerful digital marketing tools, our software is always working for you saving you time and money. This allows your marketing team to focus on other important operations while Ovation combined with Marketing Cloud handles the redundant, time-consuming tasks.

Make your job easier by using our powerful tools that produce the most significant statistics and charts. These features give you all the information you need without any heavy lifting, manipulating numbers or data mining.

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