Prevent fraud through access control

Whether your event is large or small, fraudsters are always lurking. Forged, counterfeit or illegally resold tickets are a true nightmare for both you and your patrons. Don't let fraudulent transactions or opportunities pass you by.

Admit it, greeting your audience when doors open is hectic and requires quick response from your front-of-house staff. Like you, your patrons don't want to wait in line. An unwanted holdup will create customer disappointment and stress on your staff members. This will be detrimental to your audience's overall experience.

A simple solution to secured entries

Easy to handle, our scanners provide instantaneous barcode validation on printed or digital tickets. This ensures both smooth entry and peace of mind. Our access control will detect any tickets that have been tampered with, cancelled, refunded, or that require additional verification. Successful marketing efforts lead to high attendance. Our access control devices are your allies to quickly and easily greet your audience and track attendance right in your database.

Embedded within the platform, our access control shows real-time entries, including arrival time, access points, data validation, etc. It offers a whole range of statistics to foresee your staffing requirements and bring customer experience to the next level.

This strategic information will map out your customer journey. And by tracking trends, you will more effectively forecast your staffing needs for future events.

Présentation du module

Each ticket is authenticated in a split second. Verification can be done in-house or remotely by using the stand-alone feature that registers all transactions directly in the device.

Do you offer discounted rates to students or members of various associations? Add alerts (audible and/or vibration) during validation indicating to your staff when a rate is discounted (e.g. child) and needs to be confirmed, or if a ticket holder must provide proof to justify a preferred rate.

Your audience might go back and forth between auditoriums, the restroom and/or the lobby. You may want to scan their exit, allowing you to control once again their new entry. This way, you always know who is in/out of each space and for how long, revealing the exact customer journey.

Leave nothing to chance. Know what time your guests arrive for events. This information allows you to cleverly schedule your resources and open your doors, bars, parking and cloak room at the right time for the highest level of customer service.

In real-time, consult the event’s seating plan in your ticketing software. In a flash, see who has and hasn’t entered. And, by checking the statistics directly on the handheld devices, your staff will have better control by knowing exactly how many people are still expected.

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