Ever-changing technical requirements!

The constant progress in technical requirements is a big challenge for event managers. In the last few years, stage technology and the associated machinery have become more and more complex. Artistic professionals and creative teams are producing original and innovative events by introducing these cutting-edge tools. Are you up to speed?

Do you have access to these specialized components that modern stage productions are adopting? And does your staff have the necessary skills to handle this unique required machinery? How do you find your way through this vast technical and technological field and link the stated requirements and skills to the appropriate staff at your disposal?

Live up to expectations

Producing an event requires bridging the gap between your needs and the resources available to meet them. No more unpleasant surprises! With our solution, save the intricate details and the technical specifications shared with you by the event designers and always be ready to face their requirements. From then on, your technical team will know to call upon external services if the requirements exceed your internal equipment and staff capabilities.

This technical information is available to the personnel involved and allows them to carefully plan each event with great precision. From the very first rehearsal to the final ovation, including plans, specifications for sets, props, lighting, sound effects... everything is available to render the event as it was conceived by the creator. Talk about success!

Présentation du module

Every technical specification and logistics detail mentioned by the creators can be entered. For example: number of vehicles expected, technician and artist arrival time, sound check, venue specifics, event and intermission duration, stage and dressing room requirements, as well as any front-of-house specifics. Everything you need to ensure all necessary follow-ups and make your activities successful.

At any time, review the list of technical equipment needed to meet the requirements for each production in terms of instruments, sound, lighting, rigging, recording, projection… Your technical staff will be able to properly plan the use of your own stage equipment or call upon a rental service to meet all special needs.

Avoid confusion! Know which specialized technicians are manned and included with each event. You can then target the additional skilled resources you will need to provide to meet the production’s expectations. For example: riggers, lighting and sound technicians, cameramen, merchandise personnel, etc. You can then ensure the organizational structure that will keep your business running smoothly at all times.

This allows you to remember everything while organizing and producing of all your events. Easily export reports, share to-do lists, schedule tasks, plan work schedules, analyze production costs, track inventory usage, costs and returns of rental equipment, etc. Eliminate stress! Accessing this information at any time allows you better plan future events.

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