Imitated, but never matched

In every industry, there are those who set the standards and those who trail behind. Our competitors can brag about their experience and skills, but nothing can beat our 40 years of existence.

This is why our expertise in the field remains unmatched. Moreover, we always put innOvation at the forefront, mixing evolving technology with the expertise of the best professionals in the ticketing field. Our approach leverages the full potential and assets within our team as well as our network of experienced partners.

Your success is our pride

Our success is directly linked to our clients’ performance. That's why we are committed to continuously improving our tools and their effectiveness. Every development starts with a simple question:

Can this help our clients sell more tickets?

If the answer is yes, we will seek to develop this idea and make it available to all our clients at little or no cost. We do not have an intricate price structure. All our clients can take advantage of every feature and functionality within our solution.

No surprise billing

Most companies will charge for developing an idea, training, assisting with problems, etc.

At Ovation, this is free of charge. Our clients will not be billed for support, training or development, no matter how much time and/or money we’ve invested.

We focus first on our clients’ performance because we all win when they are more efficient at what they do!

Would you like to know more about us?

Would you like to know more about us?

Visit our About page to learn more about Ovation‘s history and core values.