Statistics, the first step towards good decisions

In today’s frantic and chaotic work speed, your time is valuable and must be profitable. Your responsibilities require you to divide your energy among several equally urgent and important tasks.

With everything moving faster, administrative tasks are too often ignored or moved to the end of the priority list, despite their importance in ensuring sound management. Managing a business without being able to rely on reports and statistics is like driving a vehicle with a blindfold.

How can you know where to go when you don't know where you are headed? If you don't want to head straight for bankruptcy or financial problems, you undeniably need the valuable information contained in these statistics.

Optimize your time and profitability

At Ovation, we did all the thinking for you. We’ve already determined which reports are most relevant and which statistics are most meaningful to you, so your job can be easier. Simply keep track of a few targeted reports and statistics that answer the valuable questions: who, when, why and how.

"Knowledge is power"

Ovation gives you all the power that comes with knowledge by producing a simple, yet comprehensive, dynamic dashboard displaying the highlights you want. You’ll be praised by your colleagues at the next team meeting when you share the valuable information with this priceless result summary.

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Determine exactly what you want to extract from the large database. The options are numerous and cover virtually every possibility. And should you have a specific need that was not foreseen, we will do everything in our power to provide the information or create a new report.

No more pulling reports manually to share sales results with your colleagues, business partners and promoters. Our configurable sales reports are produced and sent automatically according to your metrics (schedule and recipients, both internally and externally).

Capture all your expenses and marketing investments so you know exactly at what point your event becomes profitable. Easily know if you are heading towards financial success for each of your planned events. This will allow you to adjust your marketing campaigns at any time before it's too late.

Our dashboard is an invaluable summary of your results. In fact, at a glance, you have access to an overview of multiple indicators and statistics in real-time, such as best-selling events, most popular prices, buyers’ origin, attendance, the break-even point for your various events and much more. This information is stored, and our ticketing solution gives you the possibility to consult it, not only in real-time but also on-demand several months and years later for your sudden urge to compare the past with the present.

Your data will speak for itself and highlight the elements that are valuable to take those executive decisions. Find out if you should plan more or fewer events, if you should launch dynamic pricing strategies, if you are short/over staffed during events, or if you are investing in the right places with your marketing campaigns.

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