Universal mode

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Many of you have migrated to the new Memor K validation device for validating tickets. Compact, fast and ergonomic, this reliable terminal delivers impressive performance.

Did you know that it offers a distinctive advantage by being able to function in all circumstances? Of course, its normal use is on your local network. But you can easily change the configuration so that it can also be used in "universal" mode. This means it could also work on any Wi-Fi available to you.

What's in it for you? The "universal" connection mode is used to validate tickets when you no longer have access to your own network. This happens when you're too far from your physical location and the connection to your own Wi-Fi network is impossible or too weak. Previously, you were offered the option of using your validation devices in "stand-alone" mode. While this approach met expectations, it did involve some manipulation on your part, and was not without consequences.

Now, with the Memor K model and the "universal" connection mode, it's possible to connect to your server remotely via any Wi-Fi network available to you. In this case, validations are carried out in real time, as the devices communicate with your database at all times. It's just as if you were in your establishment, on your local network.

Summer is just around the corner. Time for festivals and outdoor events. Give yourself more versatility! Don't hesitate to contact us to have your Memor K devices set up for use in "universal" connection mode.

On your mark, get set, go!

The Ovation team