« Ensemble on va plus loin »

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Once again, Ovation innovates. We present our latest achievement, which combines the power of several tools working in perfect synergy. We've linked your data from Ovation, Marketing Cloud from Salesforce and we've added predictive matrix-based artificial intelligence to power your sales. We've been talking about it and working on it for a long time, but today we're here!

We now exploit a powerful matrix that predicts how likely each customer is to buy a show. Continuously fed by artificial intelligence and modeled by a real-time score, this propensity to buy makes it possible to propose personalized offers to each customer.

Initially, this feature will be added during an online purchase. We'll display up to 2 suggestions for shows for which a customer has a high propensity to buy (of course, without having already purchased it). It's seamless and fully automated. We've worked very hard to ensure that you have nothing to do, nothing to program, nothing to set up, nothing to plan for. 

Thanks to our move to Marketing Cloud, following the integration of Salesforce into our solution, we can now make the most of our new intelligent matrix. Personalized offers per customer can be included in your e-mails, in a dynamic section of your newsletters, on your ticketing sales screen and in your strategically designed customer paths.

Business opportunities abound with this powerful tool, and we're confident that it will translate into increased sales for you.

On your mark, get set, go!

The Ovation team