Drum roll

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It is with great pleasure and pride that we unveil today our brand new website. The time had come to rethink and completely redesign our corporate website. Now better adapted to our clientele, its comprehensive content is up to date and more dynamic. The description of each module, including key functionalities, makes up a notable section of our place in cyberspace.

While redesigning a website may seem obvious and trivial, the reasons for doing so are more complex than a simple "makeover" objective:

1.     Improving the customer experience: a more attractive, ergonomic design that's easier to navigate. We share more details about our solution. Each module of our solution is well described and highlights important features to clarify the scope and benefits of using it.

2.     Repositioning the brand: to align our website with our mission, we modernized our brand. The logo has been redesigned, the signature revisited and all our visual elements revised. These elements are integrated into our website. Our distinctive image, solution and service set us apart from the competition.

3.     Optimize performance: we opted for an adaptive site that adjusts to all screen resolutions. What's more, we improved SEO by following best practice SEO strategies. Keywords, content, pages, titles, subtitles... everything has been thought out to favor our positioning.

4.     Reinforce its usefulness: interactive and more dynamic, in addition to informing visitors about the organization and our solution, web users can subscribe to our newsletter and submit questions. And for our customers, an exclusive area will soon be entirely dedicated to them, where they can follow training courses and take advantage of our user community.

On your mark, get set, go!

The Ovation team