The little ugly one

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If you've been reading our latest newsletters, you'll know that we've started a shift in several areas. As you can probably imagine, some topics are more appealing than others. Like the little toe that is neither the most beautiful nor the most useful of the group, today I'm talking to you about a really exciting topic, I'm talking about the terms of use! (crickets sounds)

Oui, je sais, mais il faut que je t’en parle puisque tu seras rapidement confronté à un nouveau «pop-up» en ouvrant Ovation. Indeed, in addition to modernizing the platform, we are working on a host of other topics and contracts are one of them. 

Nous avons fait subir une cure d’amaigrissement à notre contrat en sortant tout ce qui était relatif aux conditions d’utilisation et nous en avons fait un magnifique «pop-up» qui apparaîtra à l’ouverture d’une de tes prochaines sessions.

This text tells you what you can and cannot do with the Ovation platform. For example, you are not allowed to use the source code to sell it for profit. No, no, that's not allowed. If you choose to do an in-depth reading, you'll see that using your common sense, you could probably figure out most of these conditions.
If you are not ready to commit, you can refuse and continue your session without any problem. However, I must inform you that the acceptance message will reappear until you accept. So, why not have a 5 to 7 or an internal contest to get the band-aid off in one go?
Après tout, on vit dans un monde où chacun a besoin de se sentir accepter, y compris les «pop-ups» de consentement.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager