A number to reach them all

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I am one of those people who usually put important things in the same place. In fact, as soon as something is out of place I lose it, even if it is only a few meters away. If you're like me, you know that in an emergency situation it's even worse and meters become inches.

Since we know this reality, we are trying to simplify your life. Instead of searching for numbers for your emergencies, we now offer you a single number to talk to us. Moreover, it will be the same number whether your emergency is during or outside business hours.

How will it work?

It's pretty simple. Starting October 6, you'll have to dial +1 (819) 253-5300 and the line will start ringing at the first extension, mine. 😉 After a few seconds, it will ring on a 2nd line and then on a 3rd line and on the service cell phone. After hours, the call will go directly to the cell phone on duty.

+1 (819) 253-5300

If no one can answer at that time, a call center will take over and answer your call. Then they will follow up with us for you until they speak to someone and your request is taken care of. It's kind of like having someone look for your keys for you, isn't it great?

Does this mean that all calls will go through this number? No, in fact, our phones will continue to function normally and it will still be possible to reach us at our respective extension numbers. However, for all technical problems, this will be THE number to remember.

Là, c’est le moment pour écrire le numéro sur un «Post-it» rose flash et le coller dans le coin de ton écran.

Comme tous les problèmes ne sont pas des urgences, il sera également possible de nous contacter par courriel à l’adresse : support@ovation.qc.ca for anything less urgent.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager