Whose beautiful baby?

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After many months of work, Ovation finally delivers its latest product, the hybrid platform. We break out the champagne, toast, celebrate... and, get back to work.


This new version comes with two features, the memo and the event sheet.

The memo

It's the same old module you know, but revamped with an Ovation twist. You can now create groups, assign tasks or manage incoming memos. Plus, the new tool allows you to easily add images, links, tables and much more.

The event form

If you've ever wasted time looking for a photo or description of a show, this module will save you a lot of time. For all network events, you will be able to retrieve a form already produced by any of the other venues and integrate it into your performance. You will also have more flexibility in the content with the different types of events.

It's officially the arrival of the hybrid platform, but that's just the beginning of the change. Baby Ovation is currently cutting its teeth in select venues, but it will soon be added to your ticketing.

In the meantime, you can check out our online training. This will allow you to see the pretty face of these features and prepare you to welcome them in your family.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager