Some great tools for grey days

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In the last few days, the news has not been good. So, to help you get through these grey days, here is a summary of some tools to help you cope.

Report / Annulation de représentation

Most of you are familiar with these tools, but for those who don’t remember how to use them, here is a quick reminder. So, in each representation, in the Basic Data tab, you can change the status of a representation to cancel it or, via the next page of this tab, postpone it.

The Solidarity Ticket

It may be early days for the Solidarity Ticketoption. However, if the situation should become more serious, you can create a payment method that allows your customers to "offer" you the price of their ticket in order to give you a helping hand.

Batch refunds

For performances that cannot be rescheduled, it is possible to make a refund of the web purchases in batch. These refunds are made by our team for you. To learn more about the batch refund procedure, contact us and we will send you the PDF that details the different steps and requirements of this option.
The next few weeks are going to be difficult. That's why we will remain available to give you a hand or listen to you if needed.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager