The evolution towards segmentation

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One of the hypotheses that would explain the evolution of human beings is that their brain would have grown to allow them to interact with a larger number of individuals. But what happens when you continually add new individuals to a group? It becomes so large that even an evolved human brain is no longer able to process information efficiently. This is why segmentation was invented.

Marketing segmentation is the art of dividing a large number of individuals by assigning them common characteristics in order to better interact with them.

There are many ways to segment a group. How do you know which criteria to use to segment a group?

At Ovation, we took the simple but effective approach of relying on specialists in the field. We partnered with the Numea team, who guided us through two mandates. The first one for market segmentation and the second one for customer segmentation. We did workshops with some of you and the whole thing was concluded with the delivery of 2 reports and a database for each of the 2 mandates.
These databases will be connected with Salesforce and the Ovation platform to allow you to reach prospects and customers more efficiently. In the coming months, we will explain in more detail what will be possible with these tools and how to do it.
Because evolution is necessary for survival, I wish you all a beautiful evolution and an excellent day.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager