The big brother

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Big BrotherWhen I was young, movies often featured the big, strong brother protecting his little brother. The little one would get bullied and the big brother would come to the rescue. That's probably why when I was young, I idealized having a big brother. It must be said that I was puny, a bit curmudgeonly, and the oldest in the family. 😉

In the last few months, we have sometimes felt intimidated by the competition, especially in terms of marketing. We considered several solutions to make our offer stronger, but everyone knows that building muscle takes time.

So we figured that if we wanted to deal with the bullying once and for all, we had to find a big brother. However, we didn't want just anyone on our side. We wanted a big brother who is known for his toughness.

This big brother is Salesforce and its Marketing Cloud. Il est reconnu à travers le monde, et il viendra nous porter main forte pour tout ce qui touche le «marketing». Avec la segmentation et la base de données volumineuse provenant de la plateforme Ovation, vous pourrez utiliser Salesforce pour rejoindre plus intelligemment vos prospects et clients.

«Up-sell», «cross-sell», courriels avec des offres personnalisées, «marketing automation», publicité sur les médias sociaux… Vos ambitions sont-elles grandes ? Eh bien, tant mieux puisque les possibilités le seront d’avantages.

Comme on dit en anglais : «The sky is the limit» et avec Marketing Cloud c’est encore plus vrai !

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager