You will not pass

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Like the great Gandalf in front of the devil, the brave ticket agents stand up to men, women and children with invalid tickets every night of the show to prevent them from passing. The parallel is SO obvious. The wizard is the employee, the magic wand is the scanner, and the demon is the sacrilegious person who shows up with an invalid ticket, a true copy/paste.

All kidding aside, I recently had my first experience at the entrance of a venue validating tickets. My experience was very pleasant. The team at the Maison des arts de Drummondville was very welcoming, the customers were happy to be there and above all, the validation went well.

Mon collègue et moi étions là afin de tester le nouveau «scanneur» appelé, the K model.

As most of you know, we have been working for a few months on these new Android scanners that will replace the current model that is no longer on the market. The development was completed a little before the holidays, but the test that was supposed to take place in the first week of the year, was postponed by the situation you all know.  

Is it all the same?

This new scanner has several advantages over the previous model in addition to keeping its best features:

  1. Larger screen
  2. A very fast response time
  3. A very large validation surface
  4. Better handling (thinner and lighter)
  5. Software that your employees already know
  6. Compatibility with current scanners
  7. A more competitive cost
  8. A compact charger that can charge 2 batteries simultaneously

Now, you're probably wondering when these new scanners will be available, right? Well the answer is that they already are! So, if one or more of your scanners are at the end of their life, contact me to get the prices of these new jewels.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager