A perpetual sales cycle

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You invest time and money planning your events. Talent scouting, negotiation, programming, marketing, projections and sales efforts, operations... nothing is left to chance in this long process of bringing your venue to life. And like many, you communicate with your audience to thank them for attending your shows. A simple gesture that shows you appreciate their support.

We've revitalized the post-show e-mail, turning it into a personalized, interactive journey. This automated thank-you journey is now an occasion to learn more about each spectator. It's an opportunity to use this new information to optimize conversion.

How do we do it? First, the thank-you e-mail is also an invitation to take part in a show appreciation survey. Then, in the subsequent e-mail, the system takes into account the survey responses and the customer's level of appreciation. In concrete terms, in this second e-mail, the platform adapts the text as well as the selection of proposed shows according to the customer's profile, purchase history AND responses to the appreciation survey. Let's face it, it's good to be able to change our message according to the customer's level of satisfaction!

Four scenarios have been developed:

  1. Following a positive assessment of the show seen, the platform suggests similar shows;
  2. A negative assessment of the show leads us to a request, to give us a "new chance”, with new suggestions for shows;
  3. If the tickets have been given to a third party, the recipient is encouraged to buy a gift for himself or herself;
  4. Finally, if no response has been given, this simply ends the journey.

Data to back it up!

We can already see the success of these offensives. Initial tests show an open rate of 65% for the thank-you/survey e-mail, and an open rate of over 80% for the 2nd e-mail offering a personalized show.

Gone are the days of "one size fits all". We're in the era of "made-to-measure". By personalizing our approach, customers feel valued, considered and listened to. These are favorable conditions that encourage commitment and loyalty without any extra effort on your part.

Other specific paths are also ready to propel your sales: membership card promotion and renewal, retention of customers who have made fewer purchases, and recognition of increased loyalty for those who have made more purchases. Want to learn more? Contact us to discuss!

On your mark, get set, go!
The OVATION team