We want to know it all!

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In our industry, data is crucial to guide our decisions, develop our strategies, measure and compare our performance, identify trends, make projections... For this reason, we always collect as much data as possible. This raw data speaks to you, but producing specific reports from it is much more evocative.

We have a wide range of reports to help you manage your operations. But there are many visual ways of presenting results. Tables, graphs, curves, etc. are quick ways of presenting the information you're looking for clearly and concisely. That's why we're revamping our reports to make them even more relevant and, above all, useful to you.

As always, this exercise is for our clients! For this project, we're asking for your collaboration. In the form of a focus group, this will be your opportunity to express your views on what we propose in terms of reports. To be effective and conclusive, the discussion will focus solely on this topic, but please feel free to share this invitation with your interested colleagues in marketing, ticketing, finance...

We offer 2 time slots for this focus group. You are first invited to fill in the Doodle to register your availability. We can then schedule the meeting for the time slot that proves most popular.

We want to provide you with powerful reports that present the data you're looking for clearly and without manipulation. Come and take part in this important step that will inevitably shape the way you work.

On your mark, get set, go!
The OVATION team