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Wisely structured and analyzed data is the key to informed decision-making. That's how we've summed up the last few years of developing functionalities that take advantage of the tools recently integrated into our solution, while keeping data in mind.

  • Predictive matrix: analyzes data and continuously identifies the shows most likely to interest each customer, based on their history.

  • Customer segments: break down data by grouping it according to each customer's monetary value, behavior, purchase frequency and recency of last their last purchase.

  • Customer journeys: activate the predicted scenario when a consumer falls into a targeted segment, and route the corresponding e-mails, with personalized content via the predictive matrix.

  • Marketing Cloud: is the engine that harnesses the power of all our tools in combination with assiduously collected and analyzed data.

With the matrix, segments and journeys, there's still more to come from Marketing Cloud. We're already exporting shows and buyers to optimize data use and facilitate integration. We have automated the production of certain customer lists, such as members or people interested in different subjects, and these lists are updated daily. Other lists can easily be exported from Ovation, with or without the use of the predictive matrix.

Soon, we'll be extending the journey parameters to target shows as well. In this case, a scenario would automatically be suggested to you to boost sales for a show that still has seats available for an upcoming performance. Or for a show that doesn't seem to be meeting its sales targets. And more dynamic e-mail templates will be available soon.

De façon entièrement automatique et continue, notre solution analyse les données, identifie pour vous des opportunités et contribue à votre succès.

On your mark, get set, go!

The Ovation team