A little brush stroke...

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You invest time and money in designing your newsletter templates and e-mail campaign templates, and you want them to be as effective as possible! Their content and layout are chosen down to the last detail. You use the right words to present a compelling offer of the best product for your target profiles. Everything is calculated, even the timing is strategic. But did you know that your templates can be distorted depending on the e-mail platform used by your recipients?

There are a multitude of e-mail services, including Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Yahoo and many others. These services power your mobile device, tablet and desktop computer. As a result, the appearance of your perfectly designed e-mails can be altered once they are received by your customers. This may have an undesirable effect on your open and/or conversion rates.

But rest assured! Ovation comes to the rescue of all customers switching to Marketing Cloud by offering to fine-tune your templates.

We use a high-performance emulator to visualize your newsletter and e-mail templates on the various popular e-mail services. This enables us to pinpoint problem areas and make any necessary adjustments. Realigning, adding space, modifying buttons... are examples of fine-tuning to improve the rendering of your messages.

Your email campaigns are too important to your marketing strategies. Don't let an e-mail service spoil all your precious efforts. This service is free, so don't hesitate to call on our expertise to optimize the impact of your e-mail communications.

On your mark, get set, go!

The Ovation team