Customers' journey

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The term " journey “ is one of those buzzwords that can be perceived as devoid of deep meaning. However, behind this word lies a tool with enormous marketing potential.

A journey consists of a series of automated communications sent to people who meet certain criteria or have taken certain actions. Each message can be personalized for the receiver. They are frequently used to sell products or services, but can also be used to learn more about the interests, behaviors and habits of customers and prospects.

At Ovation, we've created client’s journeys specially adapted to your reality. We've created scenarios based on needs that are difficult for your team to address, and turned them into opportunities to help you drive sales and increase customer loyalty. We'll make these journeys available to every customer who will be using Marketing Cloud for their email marketing.

We currently have two active circuits, but this number will be increased to 6 in early autumn with the addition of new circuits currently under development. The two active circuits are :

1 - The New customer journey that will help stimulate a second purchase from the vast pool of one-time customers.

2 – The Customer - explicit consent journey to follow-up with all customers who have not subscribed to the newsletter and who are approaching the end of the legal contact period (24 months from last purchase).

Why are customer journeys so important?

Because while the magic of automation is at work, you'll be able to work on other things. Once set up, your scenarios will activate without you having to do a thing. Every day, automatically, your database will be filtered, the right customers will be targeted and the platform will send them a personalized message to improve your results.

Complicated? No. Everything is delivered turnkey. Ovation takes care of the thinking, writing and implementation. All you have to do is add your own color to the texts, if you wish.

We're making great strides in the world of automated marketing.

On your mark, get set, go!

The Ovation team