Change distancing in 8 steps

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With COVID finally losing ground and the rules slowly loosening, you'll probably want to take advantage of the situation. However, planning a new representation with a different distancing algorithm before migrating all clients takes hours of work. This may discourage many people.

If this is the case for you, but you still want to take advantage of a higher paying room, Ovation has a tool that could help you.

The show transfer tool allows you to transfer customers from one show to another and automatically send them a new electronic ticket for that show.

What to do?

Before you can proceed, you must first call me at extension 230 so that I can add the necessary code to your ticketing system. You will then be able to activate the functionality in the menu.

To do this, you must go to System and then to Menu Creator. You must then choose the group or groups that will be able to make this transfer and assign them the right : Transfer sales representation which is located under Representations and packages..

You are now ready to make your first transfer. Follow these 7 steps to set up:

  1. You must copy the representation you wish to reconfigure;
  2. In this new show, activate only the box office sales;
  3. Make sure that all the tariffs are available in the new representation;
  4. Choose the distancing algorithm corresponding to the regulation;
  5. You must then manually transfer the reserves, reservations or any other seats that you do not want to move in the seating plan;
  6. If you have not already done so, you must open a cash register;
  7. Then you have to go to the added menu tab, Transfer sales representation, and select the starting representation and the ending representation;
  8. Finally, if you want to open the sale to other stores, you can now do so.

Things to know

There is no going back, so you must make sure you have all the information you need in case of a problem.

You can add a note in the confirmation of purchase of the performance if you wish to add information for the displaced spectators. Remember to remove this note at the end of the transfer to avoid confusion for other patrons.

If you move from a larger venue to a smaller one or one with fewer seats, you will need to manage the people who cannot be moved to the new performance. You can do this by making a new transfer.

After the first transfer, a good check is in order. If there is a problem, you will want to know sooner rather than later.

Dealing with problems

If the transfer stops, you may have a monetary imbalance. Make sure that all rates are present and try to restart the program. If you have solved the problem, the transfer will be completed, otherwise it will stop again.

In this case, contact our team and we will help you complete the process.

Now it's your turn!

René Royer
Senior Programmer