The “makeover” (Ovation improvements)

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My name is Jonathan Roy and I recently joined the Ovation team as a Customer Experience Specialist. However, this announcement isn’t about the new guy, it’s about what’s changed in the last few weeks and what’s going to change in the weeks to come.

First of all, I want to talk to you about communication. In the future, I will be the gateway for your development requests, support requests or any other questions you may have. In this spirit, I have inherited René’s position, 227. I will redistribute the requests so that the rest of the team can focus on development. This will also allow you to have a single point of contact, which should facilitate follow-ups.

Next, we will create training videos. This will allow you to learn at your own pace or to deepen your knowledge if you are already a pro on the platform.

We will also gradually release modules that have either been redesigned, or new modules. These 3.0 modules will progressively take the place of older ones, which will temporarily give a hybrid ticketing service. All the new modules will be developed in the cloud, so that at the end of the redesign, the entire ticketing system will be online. There are obviously several advantages to this which we can discuss later.
Finally, we're working on a series of projects that will change the way Ovation looks, both visually and in writing. We also want to create value-added content that we hope will inspire you and allow you to learn more about the tool.
You will see all of these changes emerge over the next few months and we will survey you to get your opinion on these different aspects.
Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager