Less is more !

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Avez-vous déjà entendu cette phrase anglaise emblématique : «Less is more»? Ayant étudié en design graphique, ces mots étaient répétés telle une doctrine religieuse. Mais qu’est-ce que cette phrase veut vraiment dire et pourquoi est-ce important?

In fact, it's more than a buzzword, it's a quest for perfection. When you remove everything that is unnecessary, you are left with the essentials. I know this phrase sounds like something out of a cheap personal growth book, but the essence of it is true nonetheless.

It has been shown that subtraction is a more complex solution for our brains to handle, although it is more efficient in the vast majority of cases. 

Easier said than done

Les accumulateurs compulsifs sont en quelque sorte l'extrême de ce phénomène. Nous recherchons instinctivement le plaisir créé par l'addition, et nous fuyons la douleur de la soustraction.

If you're honest with yourself, when you're standing in front of a service counter at Subway, Starbuck's, or your favorite chocolate shop, wouldn't you rather have that ingredient you love added than have even just a little bit removed?

After all, if it were easy to simplify, wouldn't we all have stripped down homes? Would Apple's designs have had as much impact?

The place of the negative in our lives

I'll close with a challenge. Try to get rid of an object and a task that are not essential in your lives. Above all, give yourself time to do it, since learning to subtract is definitely not a piece of cake. And remember, we like positive people, but for the rest, a little bit of negative can't hurt.

Thanks and talk to you soon,

Jonathan Roy
Customer Experience Manager