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* This article has been translated with a translation tool. 

We observed that the confirmation message associated with the purchase of a membership card sometimes created confusion when linking the new card to the customer's web account.

In fact, the content of this e-mail was only appropriate for membership cards purchased at the counter or by telephone. For all membership cards purchased online, our message was redundant and directed customers to an irrelevant action.

Without hesitation, we rectified the situation. This message has been clarified by stating that the linking of a membership card only applies if the card has not been purchased online. We believe that this new content, set out below, is more accurate for our customers.

"If you have not purchased your membership card online, you must link it to a web account. To do so, click on the link below and follow the steps. Link your membership card to your web account "

As such, we suggest that you use this text or similar content to guide customers who have joined your loyalty program using the membership card. This text has also been translated into English, and we can share it with you if required.

We welcome any comments you may have to help us optimize our solution. We're always open to improvement.

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