Scams and frauds

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Every industry can be threatened by fraud, and ticket sales are no exception. Unfortunately, it's easy for fraudsters to fool innocent buyers. Repeatedly reselling the same electronic ticket or buying tickets with a fraudulent credit card are just some of the techniques used by scammers.

Are you, or do you have customers who are victims of this type of fraud? With the increase of online sales and the number of electronic tickets in circulation, the number of counterfeit tickets at your establishment may be on the rise. What can you do about it?

In reality, there's no perfect solution, and educating your customers remains one of the most effective techniques. In fact, it's imperative to make your customers aware of this kind of misadventure by sharing with them the warnings that could protect them from ticket scams.

Remind them to avoid purchasing tickets from uncertain sources or questionable distribution channels. Emphasize that it's all too easy to fake a profile on social media in order to dupe a buyer on Marketplace, or to post a false identity online in order to sell invalid marbles on Kijiji.

If you want to be sure of attending your favorite artist's show, there's nothing better than buying your ticket with the official distributor. Online, in person or by phone, your office is always there to serve your customers, giving them peace of mind. Spread the word!

On your mark, get set, go!

The Ovation team