Red Carpet!

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September already, a sign that the summer season is drawing to a close! Nature is preparing to show us all her splendour, with warm colors tinged with gold and flamboyant reds. It's the season of generous harvests and abundance.

September is also synonymous with the back-to-school season. Back to school, back to television and back to culture.

You may have already coordinated your "happening" to unveil the fruit of your efforts to build a highly diversified program. You've rolled out the red carpet, popped bubbles, courted guests, seduced partners, orchestrated media campaigns and sent out your brochure to kick off this new, stunning season.

You've got it down to the last detail. Every year, it's a high-profile event, attracting all the attention it deserves to create a buzz around your organization and its offering.

Your team is ready and your audience is thrilled! The curtain has risen on your entertaining program. Spotlight on the artists who will be performing on your stages. Emerging or headliners, from here or abroad, we hope that all artists will be delighted by sold-out audiences.

Happy back-to-school 2023 to you all,

On your mark, get set, go!

The Ovation team