Ram dam dam wa la dou

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"C'est le temps des vacances..." sang Pierre Lalonde, while Véronique and Les Fantastiques hummed "C'est l'été et c'est fantastique" (It's summer and it's fantastic).

Yes, the warm season has arrived. Perhaps for you, it's a less busy time of year, allowing you to take a breather after a busy season? For others, this season will be synonymous with effervescence and big projects, with summer theater, festivals, outdoor performances and so on. If not, you'll undoubtedly have some planning to do for next season.

Whether you've closed the curtain on your stage, or opened up your spotlight, don't forget to take advantage of summer every now and then! Nature has put on her most beautiful finery to attract you. Close your screens and mobile devices when you can! Get outside and play. Gardens, vineyards, parks, forests and other attractions are sure to keep you entertained.

Savor Quebec's best ice creams, try every lake in your path to find the warmest water, organize family games to create lasting memories, take a countryside tour...

If the clouds come pouring in, heed the advice of Vincent Vallières and Ingrid St-Pierre who say "On dansera sous la pluie". Either way, the entire Ovation team wishes you and your loved ones a most memorable summer. If you get bored, we'll be open all summer long to accompany you.

On your mark, get set, go!