Digital marketing in the ticketing industry

The internet has become a vital communication channel. As a result, all companies have a website, send out e-mails and promote their activities online. Your advertising campaigns can easily go unnoticed in the vastness of the “World Wide Web”. How can you stand out in this intricate virtual world where entertainment abounds, and users are lured from all around?

How can you do more on a small budget while the large entertainment titans are plastering the web? How can you effectively reach your target audience without investing too much time and money? The stakes are high, but the solution is here! Just follow and analyze trends and statistics to unveil the secrets of digital marketing.

Tailored marketing campaigns

Simple and low cost, newsletters are the preferred tool with the best proven ROI (Return on Investment) to reach your patrons when they are ready and more likely to make a purchase according to their transaction history.

One-sided communications where all customers receive the same e-mail, regardless of their field of interest or purchasing preference, is a thing of the past. No more undesired surveys to customers asking them their preferences.

With our convenient segmentation and artificial intelligence tool, your newsletters come alive with dynamic and optional content for each recipient. You can provide each of your customers with a tailored offer and the best part – this process can be completely preset and automated.

The secrets of prospecting ("Lead generation 2.0")

As your institution does not have direct contact with prospects, reaching them is much harder than reaching your acquired audience.

Stand out and target your prospects where they are, by using our market segmentation combined with fully compatible Google or Facebook. This allows you to create campaigns that target lookalikes based on your typical patron profile. This inevitably translates into reduced marketing expenses and increased sales.

Buyer origin, behaviour and preference are significant elements that guide digital campaigns. Now, with this information and our artificial intelligence feature, you can build strong customer relationships and marketing strategies that will increase your ROI and lead to success!

Présentation du module

All the information you need is in the customer’s account to make the best decision, in every situation. Transaction history, attendance, e-mails sent/received and opened, etc. is important data. And our artificial intelligence will thoroughly analyze this detail and seek the best connection between customer purchase preference and upcoming events to offer them. This is a great non-intrusive way to drive sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Based on customer segmentation and millions of ticket sales per year, our profiling system creates typical buyer personas. These can then be shared with social media and used to better target users with similar profiles that would see your advertising.

With Ovation, you have access to tools developed by notorious digital marketing companies. Data from Google Analytics and Facebook will let you know where your customers and prospects are coming from. Furthermore, your database connected to Marketing Cloud allows you to get the most from your statistics.

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