A loyalty program to engage customers

Entertainment is abundant in everyone's life, including your customers'. Maintaining and/or expanding your market share in today's aggressive competitive environment is difficult. You must constantly improve your marketing strategies and increase investments to retain your hard-earned audience, but your resources are limited. And by being constantly exposed to it, your customers have become numbed to advertising.

The investment in time and money that is required to attract new customers is much greater than what’s needed to retain existing ones. Thus, it’s best to know how to maximize the value of each customer to enhance your profitability.

Customer loyalty and the 80/20 rule

It is said that approximately twenty percent of consumers produce eighty percent of a business's revenue. In the cultural industry, this portion of customers is undeniably the segment who is most loyal and regularly visits your venue. Know these customers and acknowledge them to create and maintain a lasting relationship with them through a loyalty program that fosters that engagement.

Our customer loyalty features are flexible and will allow you to create benefits that will appeal to your patrons, both brand advocates and bargain hunters. Seduce your customers looking for a "good deal". Rewards, exclusive offers and freebies are all benefits managed by the platform and are good ways to show your appreciation to your core customers and members.

Keep in mind that membership fees paid by patrons will increase your revenue and aid in achieving financial security. Furthermore, members want to get their money's worth, so they are inclined to purchase more tickets than your average customer, again, bringing you more revenue.

All this significantly impacts your finances. A well-crafted customer loyalty program is an important lever that encourages consumer transactions and reduces prospecting expenses. Your database certainly includes frequent buyers and loyal customers. With Ovation, it's easy to recognize them and nurture such loyalty.

Présentation du module

You can tailor your loyalty program to your own objectives. Choose between fixed or rolling renewal dates, and offer discounts, exclusive advance sales and much more... These are just a few ways to offer exactly what your patrons are looking for, namely special benefits reflecting a preferred status.

We offer two distinct tiers to target individuals or businesses. It is therefore possible to create a loyalty program aimed precisely for your individual or corporate clients. Each tier allows you to offer specific benefits, therefore streamline your offer according to client type.

Our ticketing solution includes a variety of preset e-mails, some of which are targeted specifically to your members, making it easy to build your marketing campaigns aiming to pamper your best customers throughout the year. What's more, Ovation automatically recognizes customers who are not yet part of your membership program, both online and at your box office, and prompts an offer to sign up as it highlights the exact savings your buyer can expect.

Our ticketing solution never sleeps, making your job easier. Each member receives an automatic renewal notice before their membership expires, without you having to think about it. The more seasoned institutions can always insert a special promotion to the renewal notice if they wish to do so.

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